Promote and market

Why entrust us with the hazelnuts marketing?

As committed as it is, sometimes it is difficult for a farmer to combine hazelnut trees exploitation, processing and marketing. This is where the added value of Pépinière et Noisetiers de Guyenne rest on: Bringing together the cultivation of quality hazelnuts, broken and packaged in the best conditions with real commercial outlets. This knowledge is provided to partner farmers as well as for our own productions.

Chocolatier, French Excellence

Chocolatiers represent 80% of the world hazelnut almond consumers. They are used in the pralines which make France famous around the world, or for other delicacies such as chocolate spread. Salpa Group’s subsidiary (a French agribusiness player), PNG is well aware of the main users of hazelnuts’ expectations. Indeed companies of the SALPA group are recognized chocolate makers. Benefiting from direct contact with users, it is easier to market products with real knowledge of market prices.

Snacking and Homemade, markets of the future

As other dried fruits such as almonds, hazelnuts are driven by strong demand from French consumers. They expect healthy, unprocessed and, if possible, nationally grown products. The indisputable hazelnuts’ nutritional qualities, and easy access to pro-bulk or automatic distribution channels offer hazelnuts growing outlets for producers. We are now closely linked to these emerging distribution channels.

Copper, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium… Hazelnut is a treasure

With its approximately 620 Kcal / 100gr, hazelnut is recognized as an energetic fruit with many virtues. its demand growing.

What are the measured claims that are often used as an argument to support raw hazelnuts?
Hazelnuts are rich in copper, they provide the equivalent of 170% of the NRVs; in manganese (165% of the NRVs), in phosphorus (48% of the NRVs); in potassium (43% of the NRVs); in magnesium (42% of the NRVs).
It is also a source of Zinc
because it provides the equivalent of 23% of the NRVs in zinc; iron (21.43% of the NRVs in iron); calcium (15% of the NRVs for calcium).
So many arguments that call for a greater consumption of hazelnuts in France