Supporting farmers

Hazelnut cultivators and talent cultivators

Pépinières et Noisetiers de Guyenne provides support to farmers, whether they are already established or in the project phase. Our philosophy is to support them in an extensive agricultural approach, respectful of the environment and financially sustainable for them.
Drawing on its experience as a historic player and the leading producer of hazelnuts in France (380 hectares), Pépinières et Noisetiers de Guyenne has many assets to support its partners.

Providing the best hazelnuts

Its nursery of more than 15 hectares allows it to benefit from a privileged source plants supply (more or less 100,000 per year). A dozen varieties are available, whether they are shelled, mixed, special for chocolate makers or pollinators.

Training in good practices

The nursery has existed since 1970. With our 50 years of experience, we are able to support farmers in optimizing their methods. Promoting biodiversity, optimizing water resources, recommending an adapted density, adjusting the types mixing between hazelnut trees, all activities for which PNG is available to its partners. Our HVE3 certification makes perfect sense here. We are also stepping up ecological initiatives as reusing the shelled hulls as heating to leave no waste.

Taking care of the crops

Wash, dry, break, size your hazelnuts and wrap your almonds; so many steps that require traceability and state-of-the-art equipment. PNG provides this service for you on favorable terms. The HACCP quality process and the high level of equipment make it possible to minimize breaking linked losses. An additional advantage that offers you an optimized return.

Marketing almonds

Multiply the possible production outlets with preferential conditions. This is a mission for which PNG works after specialized markets. Historically well established in the world of chocolate and delicacies, Pépinières et noisetiers de Guyenne is part of the SALPA’s companies, with which it has very specific relations. Discover our marketing options